Apartment sofa beanbag easy to move around stairs
Flat sofa beanbag easy to put in a lift
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BeanOfa® Sofa Beanbag - high seat, ideal for flats or for extra seating

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As per the BeanOfa Chair Beanbag, the idea is to provide seating for people who live in flats,or move around a lot, need to get furniture up and around stairs and corners.

The BeanOfa Sofa uses the width of the fabric, circa 1.35m. We create two inners, one for the back support and one for the seat, both of which can be easily accessed through the bottom. 

As with all beanbags, the beans will go flat over a period of time and it is simply a question of being able to top it up so that eventually, you have the volume of filling that suits you.

The first one of these we built now resides with our son. It has been jumped on, slept on, all sorts. Absolutely brilliant as that is what it is there for.

Please note that due to the size and weight of the BeanOfa Sofa and courier constraints, whilst we have built in some courier costs for UK Mainland, we would ask that you contact us first so that we can check all is tickety boo.

If not on the UK Mainland, by all means drop us a note and we will explore various delivery solutions together.

We are more than happy to send you free fabric samples for colour matching.