The Techbed Range

The Techbed is a beanbag designed to support various modern day technological devices from smartphones to ebook readers, including the Amazon Kindle, iPads and other tablets. 

The Techbed can also be used for holding books, doing the crossword, a sudoku and we have found they are jolly useful for pillows, headrests whilst travelling.

For Grandparents to kids alike. we have created 3 sizes, although can create a bespoke size if you wish.

The Techbed Mini - for smartphones such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or Samsung S9, S8, S7, for kindles and iPad Minis.

The Techbed - for all of the above, makes holding the kindle much easier, iPads and other tablets up to 9.7", for paperback books.

The Techbed Maxi - for all of the above, iPad Pro and other tablets up to 12.9". We have also found that the older the recipient, they prefer the Maxi as it gives them extra bit of comfort and space on which to hold their device.

Techbed® is a registered trademark.

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