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Welcome to our little "shop window." If you have any questions, if you require any help, please, do just drop us a note or feel free to give us a call as we work from home.

Keep smiling and stay jolly safe. 

Big hugs

P2 x

Telephone: 0118 374 9873 or 0777 627 5658


If we're not in, please leave a message and we will get back to you...and if we may, we appreciate that everyone has to make a living...but, if you are looking to improve our SEO, change our website, sell us pet products from China, please.....we are semi retired and do this for our own enjoyment. ...and at the very least you could purchase a Techbed Mini before pinging us loads of emails ;-).

By all means have a look at the Love Wokingham website for other local businesses and shops that may be of interest.