Beanbag Furniture

Please do contact us first before ordering one of our furniture beanbags.

Stay jolly 'n safe & keep smiling.

We consider our beanbags to be pieces of furniture: a piece of furniture for a living room, a home cinema room or bedroom, something that is bought once in a blue moon and lasts a life time.

Each piece, each beanbag, has to be practical, has to last, has to be comfortable for whatever you decide to use it for and you have to have the confidence that you are purchasing a quality beanbag.

Rest assured, we do not let a beanbag leave us unless we know that it ticks all our boxes. We have to make sure that the beanbag is robust. We try and limit the number of seams, which is why we do not do teardrop beanbags, as our beanbags, well we know that they can be run at, bounced on, all sorts on.

The covers are removable to allow for washing, the liners are easily accessed for reloading for when the beans go flat and they do, that is a beanbag.

Our job is to make it as easy as possible, as comfortable as possible and to create that "wow" moment.

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