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PATBAG beanbag for use in schools, hospitals or special needs facilities

Hi everybody, haven't posted in a while but, in light of the current UK political, Royal, jungle celebrity aside, press, Philippa & I would like to generate some positive ummpphhh..... (if I may, our son called us up and said, you muppets, you need to create a blog on your website hence the short notice on here.)

We have one light purple PATBAG that can be used in a school, hospital, a special needs facility etc.The beanbag outer is CRIB 5, medical vinyl,and very easy to clean.

To gain access to the inner, to reload for example, one has to undo a velcro flap, reach in to undo the outer zip and then pull round the inner. i.e. it is not straight forward, takes 2 people and is designed this way due to the environments where this beanbag can be used.

We simply ask for your nominations via facebook (we can be found here:

We will deliver locally foc, you can collect or for UK Mainland, we would ask for a small delivery contribution of £35.

Please note, the PATBAG will not fit on the back seat of a sports car. Dimensions are circa 68cm wide, 100cm tall at the back, 115cm long and it weighs around 15kgs.

To create the PATBAG, we need 9m of outer fabric at £15/m, 9m inner fabric at £7.50/m and 20 cu ft of grade 1 filling at £20/10 cu.ft. This is more than a beanbag, this is a piece of furniture that can be used as a safe place.

We will draw a winner using our normal method, where I call out to Phil, from the top or bottom, pick a number.

Feel free to share and by Sunday night, 24th November 2019, circa 7.30pm, hopefully, we will have a destination for our PATBAG.