Techbed Maxi and Techbed Mini recent feedback from clients via email this week.

We just thought that we would share with you some recent feedback, with the clients' permission, that we have received:


We ordered a Techbed Maxi last November and we wanted to let you know it's been fantastic. My wife has arthritis and uses it every day when using her tablet, reading books and magazines.

You also sent a mini which I've been using for my phone

Thanks and take care


To receive such a note, knowing that we are helping people do what they love, just fabulous.

Hi , thanks for your note…Wow that’s a quick dispatch.  Glad to see you’re still going strong.  I was over with my teen niece & nephew in Eastbourne last week & noticed how much they hold their phones while watching stuff so though the mini techbeds would be welcome.  

You sent me one as a gift a couple of years ago which has had lots of use in Vancouver while we all lived on FaceTime over the past couple of years!

Thanks & regards


This for us, rocks our boat: we know that Techbed Minis work and how useful they have been, especially during lockdowns, when gatherings in normal houses were banned and we had to use facetime and zoom to touch base with loved ones.

The Techbed Mini though, does make a perfect gift for anyone, at any time, who has a mobile phone. 

Stay jolly safe and keep smiling

Big hugs

P2 x