5 reasons why the Techbed Mini is the perfect stocking filler

The Techbed Mini is the smallest member of the Techbed family of products here at Edge Beanbags and is therefore the perfect size for any handheld device. We're very proud of our little creation and would like to share with you 5 reasons as to why we think you should consider the Techbed Mini this Christmas. 

Number 1 - As the name would suggest, the size and compactness of the Techbed Mini means that it fits into any size bag (or stocking) very easily. This makes it the perfect tool to use on the go, as it is able to balance all manor of handheld devices, from mobile phones, kindles through to 7" tablets, spectacles, compact mirror and even a sleepy head should you choose to use it in such a way. 

Number 2 - Gone are the days of your stand falling over just as the plot is about to be revealed on your new favourite TV show; with the Techbed Mini a collapsing stand is simply not an issue. This is because the beans will snugly hold any device when placed on any suitable surface, be it a train table, the arm of a chair, or your chest lying in bed. 

Number 3 - As with all our products, the Techbed Mini is hand cut, stitched and filled right here in the UK by our wonderfully dedicated small team of individuals. So if you are after something that boast premium quality, and has been manufactured with a great deal of care and time put into it, then this gift will tick all of your boxes.

Number 4 - We offer a range of materials to suit all budgets, from our deluxe Chenille fabric to our cheaper sale range which encompasses a wide variety of fabrics for you to mix and match. Secret Santa? Everyone has a mobile phone.

Number 5 - We pride ourselves at Edge Beanbags on offering the highest quality of customer care, and making sure that you are getting the perfect gift and shopping experience all wrapped up into one. 

So, if  we've convinced to have a peruse through our collection of Techbed Minis for that special someone this Christmas, you can find further details here for the Premium Chenille Fabric Range: https://edgebeanbags.co.uk/products/techbed-mini  or here for the Sale Range: https://edgebeanbags.co.uk/collections/techbed-porfolio/products/techbed-mini-sale or give us a call on 0118 978 0042 (UK mainland).