Giant Sofa Navy Blue beanbag
Luxury giant sofa beanbag black
Luxury giant sofa beanbag brown
luxury giant sofa beanbag navy blue
luxury giant sofa beanbag purple
luxury giant sofa beanbag sandy light brown
luxury giant red sofa beanbag red

The Optimo Giant Sofa Beanbag - 1.8m long

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The Optimo Giant Sofa Beanbag is 1.8m long and makes a great family gathering point or just works for piling your friends onto. It looks impressive and is unbelievably comfortable.

In the same great colours as the Romeo and Ultimo, or in any special colours you chose.

If you have a space that you need to fill, a different length required, do just drop us a line.

Please note that a fully loaded Optimo is for UK Mainland only. We can deliver further afield, but would ask that you contact us first so that we can explore the delivery costs together.

 Please feel free to contact us for free fabric samples.