Orange Twirl Tote Bag made by Fiona
Blue Twirl Tote Bag lining and zip pocket for purse and mobile phone

Muscava Orange Twirl Tote Bag with a large internal zip pocket for both purse and mobile phone.

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The Orange Twirl Tote Bag measures 50cm x 38cm and has one large zipped pocket, big enough to hold both a large purse and mobile phone.

We could create two of these Orange Twirl Bags from the fabric we had - one has gone to Greater London and the other is waiting to be made by Fiona: if you have a bespoke request, please, do drop us a note and we'll do what we can to accomodate.

We are showing the Blue Twirl lining here to give you an idea and also because we forgot to photograph the lining of the Orange Twirl that has already sold.

We will be adding to our portfolio of Tote Bags so please, keep checking in or have a quick glance at our Muscava facebook page.

We will be despatching the Tote Bags via First Class post to the UK. There is a little P&P contribution, but on the bright side, it means you can add a Techbed Mini too.

Stay jolly safe x