The Techbed helps, according to reviews up to January 2020

We've been selling our Techbed for 7 or so years now and going through the reviews, we've been amazed with regard to who and how the Techbed helps people.

Below are excerpts from reviews across Amazon, etsy and a few from a couple of emails too - if you recognise or can visualise someone, you want to make a difference, pay it forward, they have a birthday, or indeed for yourself....

Aches and pains from holding their kindle but loves reading
Aches and pains from reading their kindle
Aches and pains in your hands
Aching arms or hands
 Aching hands
 Aching hands and arms
 Aching muscles
 Aching wrist, hand and thumb
 Ankle rest
 Arms feeling achy and as if they are about to drop off
 Arthritic hands
 Arthritis and gout in my fingers

Breast cancer
Breast feeding – able to rest my kindle and read

Carpal tunnel vision
Complete lack of use in one hand

Develop a dent on my little finger where I rested the iPad

Elbow surgery
Extensive arthritis in one wrist

 Factime on an tablet or 9.7" iPad
 Fingers ache & go numb after holding  my iPad/Kindle
 Foot rest

 Hands ache
 Hands and wrists hurt
 Headache from strained neck muscles 

Health issues with hands
Helped my wrist and hand
Hip replacement

I am an OAP but would not go backonto anything else 
iPad neck

My Mum who has arthritis in her hands

Neck ache
Neck pain
No more holding the kindle until your fingers ache

Pectoid surgery
Posture has seen a major improvement
Problems with your hands, wrists, elbows

Repetitive strain reading
Rheumatoid arthritis
Rheumatoid disease and this takes the strain from having to use my wrists
Rotator cuff, post surgery, fantastic as a wedge for my armpit and for holding my iPad and kindle.

Sign language - watching my sister on the iPad using facetime
Sore thumb from holding my iPad  
 Shoulder surgery
 Stop your neck becoming painful
 Stroke patient

 TikTok whether watching or recording
Tired arms from holding my kindle

 Very sore elbows

 Wrist surgery

Zoom meetings on iPad or 9.7" tablet with family, friends and oh yes, work colleagues x


We create and despatch each Techbeds ourselves using First Class signed for to the UK and via track and trace airmail all over the World.

If you would like something smaller than a Techbed, we have the Techbed Mini or indeed larger, the Techbed Maxi.


For a 9.7" iPad, tablet, paperback or kindle - the Techbed.

A mobile phone, an iPad Mini or a Kindle if travelling, a spectacles base - the Techbed Mini. (Particularly useful in our house as everyone knows where their glasses are!)

For an iPad Pro 12.9", large hardback book, or for someone who prefers to have a larger base - the Techbed Maxi.