Amazon Marketplace Russia and Belarus

We think it is well documented to say we're not fans of Amazon Marketplace.

As a consumer, very easy to find products and place orders.

We have raised this on Twitter to no avail - whilst Amazon have on their front page, "Ukraine: your donation matters," in the back, shipping system, they still have....

Now, we are but a molecule of microdot when it comes to Amazon business and have only ever shipped perhaps 2 or 3 of our Techbed portfolio to Russia and do not believe that we have ever shipped to Belarus.

However, the sliding currency aside, with all these companies pulling out of Russia & Belarus, goods can still be purchased through Amazon and to be fair, etsy.

In our view though, it is not really "cricket" though, to have a Ukraine banner on the front page to and allow goods to be purchased and shipped to Russia and Belarus in the back.

Perhaps though, Amazon will be donating their product selling fees to help support Ukraine ;-). Who knows?

In the meantime, super business model if you are Amazon.

Stay jolly 'n safe and keep smiling.

Big Hugs

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